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Welcome to NIR 2025!

It’s a pleasure to invite you to the 22nd International Conference on Near Infrared Spectroscopy in RomeJune 8th – 12th 2025, at the Auditorium della Tecnica congress center.

Join us in Rome for NIR2025!

On behalf of the Italian Society of NIR Spectroscopy (SISNIR – Società Italiana di Spettrosocopia NIR –, we would like to invite you to take part to the 22nd International Conference on Near Infrared Spectroscopy – NIR2025, which will be held from Sunday June 8th to Thursday  June 12th 2025, at the ‘Auditorium della Tecnica’ in Rome (EUR district), Italy.
Every two years, in fact, the International Council for Near Infrared Spectroscopy (ICNIRS – gives mandate to one Nation to host the most prominent international conference dedicated to all aspects of NIR spectroscopy.
Hundreds of stakeholders gather to attend the Conference to catch up on all the NIR news, from the theoretical frameworks to innovative applications in numerous research areas, passing through the most innovative instrumental solutions.
Also in NIR2025 in Rome we will have the honour of bringing together experts of the academic and industrial worlds to showcase the latest technologies and to discuss emerging trends.
In more detail, the program of NIR2025 will cover all aspects of near-infrared spectroscopy, spanning from methodological and technological advances in NIR spectroscopy (such as, e.g., NIR imaging and miniaturised devices) to applications in various fields (from agri-food analysis and quality control to clinical practice or pharmaceutical technology), and including chemometric modelling of spectroscopic data and hyperspectral images. The Conference will feature plenaries and keynote lectures from leading scientists in the field, as well as contributed lectures and poster presentations of high scientific quality that will promote an inspiring environment to share and discuss the latest findings. NIR2025 will also have a large exhibition area in which attendees will be able to meet the leading vendors in the sector and to see their latest innovations.

With our motto “light through centuries”, we are communicating not only the everlasting importance of light, but we are also highlighting the historical importance of Rome and its role through the centuries. We, as Italian Society of NIR Spectroscopy, are working hard for making NIR2025 in Rome a significant step in the history of NIR Spectroscopy.
To make participants appreciate not only the modern atmosphere of the EUR district, where the Auditorium della Tecnica is located, but also the historical charm of the remains of ancient Rome, amazing social events will take place, including sightseeing tours of the city and an awesome gala dinner in an ancient Villa Romana (shhh…it’s a secret).
Hosting you all in Italy represents for SISNIR an outstanding opportunity to grow our community, remaining motivated, responsive and open to new ideas, but also to celebrate the tireless efforts of our members along the almost 20 years of our activity.

We are very much looking forward to welcoming you in Rome!!!

The SISNIR board:

  • Monica Casale (President)
  • Federico Marini (Vice-President)
  • Silvia Grassi (Secretary)
  • Cristina Malegori (Treasurer)
  • Rosalba Calvini (Communication manager)